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    Training & Workshops

    Ron Pepper of Panorama Network offers individual training and workshops on panoramic photography.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Ron Pepper has helped me tremendously in learning general & immersive photography. I’d never used a DSLR prior to studying with Ron and in a short time I was able to produce professional looking results. Ron has taken the relationship seriously and has always been responsive and very prompt. Through his tutelage the learning curved has been tremendously reduced and I can say the time & investment made with Ron has been well spent.

    Steve Glass

    When I initially started training with Ron I had no background or experience in photography.  With Ron's unique hands on approach to training, I was able to to start taking professional quality photos in a relatively short amount of time.   My photography skills have grown exponentially over the years and I honestly attribute this to having a trainer that has the people skills to help a novice and the knowledge to consult for a professional.   My initial intent was simply to get a few training sessions under my belt and move on.  Several years later, Ron remains an amazing resource, a friend, a colleague and trusted advisor.

    Patrick Devine

    I attended a seminar that you gave last October and to my surprise was totally blown away with the ease at which you taught this subject. You're knowledge sparked an interest I had but wasn't too sure if I could do this sort of photography. My confidence level just wasn't up there. But I have to say after spending a couple of hours on a location shoot with you was the best money I have ever spent! It was like a light came on upstairs and I understood the basic concept of just how to go about shooting a 360 panorama from start to finish. You have a wonderful way of explaining things in simple terms so Ron, my hat's off to you!!

    Robert F.

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